When God fashioned us, He deposited in us a need for relationships. And then He shaped us so that without relationships, we don’t have a sense of completeness and wholeness. Real Life Groups provide the opportunity to respond to that need! To connect in a safe and healthy environment so that we can realize the full potential that is in us to do life together with others and know, experientially, what it means to be complete and whole!
The Spring Semester of Real Life Groups begins February 5th. The groups being offered are listed below with the day, time, location, facilitator(s) and study subject.


Open to All
Location: Real Kidz      7:00 pm
Facilitators: David & Hope Christmas
Study: Digging Deeper into God’s Word
Each week we will have a theme and ask everyone to bring a food item or drink to share. The first 45 minutes we will eat, fellowship and build relationships. The next 45 minutes we will share scripture, discuss how to apply the Word to daily living and pray for one another.


Location: Real Kidz      6:30 pm
Facilitators: Sarah Olon & Melinda Bryant
Study: Working It Out
Excercise for all shapes, ages and sizes. We will have a low-impact beginners session followed by a time of devotion to God’s Word. Then we will finish the night with a more advanced workout session so we can all be Working It Out!
Location: Reality Worship Center      6:30 pm
Facilitator: Jim Fones
Study: How to Build Your Life on God’s Word
Herschel Hobb’s commentary on How to Build Your Life on God’s Word


Location: Real Kidz     12:00 pm
Facilitator: Susan Hilton
Study: How Much More by Lisa Harper
Discovering God’s Extravagant Love in Unexpected Places. Maybe your head knows that God is always good, but your heart’s not so sure. From beginning to end, the Bible is a love story.
Open to All
Location: Crowfield     7:00 pm
Facilitators: Chuck & Heidi Shinaberry
Study: James: Praying With Power When Life Gets Tough by Jackie Johnson
We will open with the devotional Praying With Power When Life Gets Tough by Jackie Johnson, and then spend time in prayer. God has laid this on our hearts to pray with and for others – for our country, for our prodigals, for a revival, for healing and more.


Location: Real Kidz     9:30-11:00 am
Facilitators: Jared & Emily Earnhardt
Study: James: Dynamic Duos part 2
***Pre-requisite: Dynamic Duos part 1
In this class, we will dive deeper in our relationships with our spouses. We all bring baggage, positive and negative, into our relationships. Looking at how we were raised or our family heritage answers many questions of why we react or deal with situations the way we do. This semester will be a time of growing in ourselves and our marriages.
If you would like to register for a Real Life Group or more information please click the registration button below, complete and submit the form or email melinda@realitychurchgc.org and the group leader will get in contact with you.